Ecoglo Non Photoluminescent Surface Applied Anti-Slip Strips There are 6 products.

Ecoglo Non Photoluminescent Surface Applied Anti-Slip Strips
Ecoglo anti slip products to prevent slips or falls in all weather conditions for any type of stairs. Ecoglo non photoluminescent anti slip strips are offered in 3 different colours black, yellow, and grey in two different sizes, delivering the perfect fit and solution for anti-slip strips for stairs. These non-slip step strips are made of hard wearing silicon carbide making them reliably durable, weather resistance, UV resistance, stain resistance and easy to clean. Ecoglo’s non photoluminescent non-slip step strips provide an extra non-slip surface supplementing the steps own non-slip properties as well as providing step edge contrast. Ecoglo non photoluminescent surface applied anti slip strips are the perfect safety solution preventing slips and falls down any stairs.

• UV Stability- High Durability Indoors and Outdoors
• Slip Resistant
• Abrasion Resistant
• Easy to Clean
• Environmentally Friendly- No Radioactivity or Toxicity
• Do Not Burn