Ecoglo Photoluminescent Surface Applied Anti-Slip Contrast Strip There are 6 products.

Ecoglo Photoluminescent Surface Applied Anti-Slip Contrast Strip
Ecoglo Non-Slip Photoluminescent Step Edge Contrast Strip provide step edge visibility in all lighting conditions even for several hours after the lights have gone out. The Photoluminescent Surface Applied Anti Slip Contrast Strips are made from hard wearing silicon carbon non-slip material bonded to aluminum plate allowing for long lasting all weather slip resistance and step edge visibility. The Photoluminescent Contrast strip colour contrasting and advanced photoluminscent material are ideal for stairs required by code to have luminous path markings. The Ecoglo Photoluminescent non-slip contrast slip is designed for installation onto flat steps and corridors with a pathmarking glow charged from overhead or natural lighting providing leading technology for guidance systems in all lighting conditions.

• High Visibility in Dark or Light Conditions
• High Durability for Indoor and Outdoor Applications
• Hard Wearing, Abrasion Resistant in all weather conditions
• Easy to Clean
• Environmentally Friendly No Radioactivity or Toxicity
• Flammable Resistant – Do not Burn
• Come in 3 Colours- Black Yellow Grey

General Information:
• Install with premium polyurethane adhesive.
• Option for mechanical fasteners.
• Do not use mechanical fasteners when installing outdoors.
• Available in cut to length sizes. (Tolerance +or- 1/8”) Standard lengths are 8ft and 10ft.
• Weight: 0.1 lbs/ft.