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Attention Domes
Access Tile Surface Applied Domes are the industry leader in affordable detectable warning tiles perfect for any retrofit job. The tactile walking surface indicators (TWSI) are slip resistant, corrosion resistant, abrasion resistance ensuring all truncated domes are durable against wear and tear maximizing the longevity of the detectable warning pads. The Surface Applied truncated attention domes can be applied in many situations including: multimodal transit stations, curb ramps, accessible pedestrian crossings, parking areas, tops and bottoms of stair landings, escalator approaches and many more to warn the public when they have reached an unsafe edge. The Tactile attention domes are especially useful for those with visual impairments as they can be felt through footwear, as well as designed with unique sound reflection for those with guidance canes to safely differentiate between Access Tile surface applied tile and concrete allowing for safe and detectable navigation of curb endings. Access Tile Surface applied truncated attention domes are available in 8 different colours to provide visual contrast warning the public when they have reached an unsafe edge


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