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Pathmarking Exit Signs
Ecoglo Aluminum Base Photoluminescent Emergency Exit Pathmarking signs are the visibly better solution in life safety systems and risk management. Ecoglo Aluminum Base Series Photoluminescent Pathmarking Signs provide visibility and indicate direction of egress in all light conditions. The photoluminescent signs are visible for many hours after the lights go out, having been charged from sunlight or artificial light. Ecoglo Pathmarking exit signs are designed to be visible in the dark from as far as 25 feet and are easily installed with premium polyurethane adhesive, offered in a range of directions. The Ecoglo Pathmarking Exit Signs are compliant with up to date building, fire, life safety codes and require no maintenance other than occasional cleaning, staying visible in the event of a black out for 2 hours or more under normal operating conditions.

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