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Wide Span Boltless Shelving
Wide Span Shelving is designed for increased strength and shelf capacity for maximum hand load duty. Ideal for warehouse shelving, industrial shelving, and as an alternative to pallet racking while saving valuable floor space.

The boltless design is quick and easy to install without specialized tools or compromising durability or design flexibility. Bays can be added, removed or adjusted, including slope, without impacting the rest of the shelving system, unlike many pallet racking systems. Wide Span Shelving is a fully customizable- storage system that can be built to any width, depth and height.

• Simple interlocking design without nuts, bolts, or rivets for rapid installation

• Manufactured with high grade materials for long service life

• Unobstructed access from both sides for ease of use without cross or sway braces

• User friendly and easy to install; requires no special tools or skills to assemble

• Adjustable on 2″ centers; flexibility to make changes on demand quickly and efficiently

Great Solution for:

• Inventory control and storage

• Machinery, tools and parts storage

• Production and manufacturing

• Order picking and receiving

• Merchandise display for heavy items

• Stockroom storage for heavy items