Ecoglo Photoluminescent Emergency Exit Signs

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Compliance Solutions Canada offers your facility compliant Ecoglo RM series exit signs that come with a clear anodized aluminum frame and universal mounting kit with the guarantee of the most efficient installation procedure for any location. Our emergency exit signs are rugged, require no electricity, reduce maintenance costs and provide the lowest life cycle cost available for an exit sign. Here at Compliance Solutions Canada, we provide our customers with easy solutions to your facilities everyday regulated (code compliant) product needs.

With Canada’s perpetually growing and diverse population, Ontario legislation introduced new (building codes) regulations for emergency exit signs in which all major and new buildings must comply with (which began January 1st 2014). This shift from the classic red and white exit sign to new green photoluminescent exit signs with a pictograph of a “running man” was driven by our country’s changing demographics and the increasing amount of non-English-speaking immigrants moving into the country.

Compliance Solutions Canada is your source for Ecoglo photoluminescent emergency exit signs. We deliver an easy solution to comply with building regulated emergency exit “running man” signs providing a safer way for all citizens to identify building exits with ease. Compliance Solutions Canada is your number 1 Ontario provider for Ecoglo photoluminescent exit signs; the favored solution to ensuring your facility is equipped with the safest backup technology in emergency. These code compliant exit signs will illuminate your path after being charged with natural or artificial light, no electricity or batteries required. Additionally, the previously used exit signs were illuminated in red which traditionally represents “stop” or some sort of hazard where the new photoluminescent signs give off electricity and are coloured green to represent (which universally represents) “go” or safety.

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