Spill Containment

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Compliance Solutions Canada is here to provide your one stop compliant solutions for your spill containment needs. We are here to work with you to ensure that hazardous waste and chemicals are stored, transported and contained safely and effectively.

If your facility has hazardous waste on your property then you must ensure there is a system in in place to safely contain the waste avoiding leaks or spills. Compliance Solutions Canada is your one stop shop for spill containment equipment, pallets and platform systems all EPA approved. Here at Compliance Solutions Canada we sell spill containment platforms, spill containment pallets, modular spill containment and containment sumps. We are here to help protect you, your facility, employees and the environment from potential hazardous waste spills by providing compliant spill containment systems.

Compliance Solutions Canada’s containment systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your storage needs and the containers they support.Spill containment pallets and platform systems help make moving around or transporting your toxic waste or chemicals a simple task. They can also act as a secondary back up system if there was to be a spill. It is important to keep in mind that research should be done to determine which containment systems work best for your specific chemical storage needs.

Compliance Solutions Canada’s spill containment platforms are constructed of a yellow high-density polyethylene for excellent durability and chemical resistance. The spill containment platforms also have a black HDPE flat top grating which is easily removable for cleaning. Compliance Solutions Canada offers spill containment 4 drum in line platform, 6 drum low profile platform and 8 drum low profile platform meeting EPA requirements for secondary spill containment of hazardous materials.

Compliance Solutions Canada’s spill containment pallets come in a 4-drum spill pallet or a 4-drum low profile spill pallet. They are constructed from yellow polyethylene and have removable grating with 1-3/4" square openings. They have a forkliftable design with a 3/4” drain plug allowing you to move around your waste with protection and ease.

Compliance Solutions Canada’s modular spill containment platform system is constructed from yellow polyethylene for superior strength. We provide spill containment with a 1 drum modular platform, 2 drum modular platform or 4 drum modular platform. These modular platforms are low profile making them easy to be moved around with forklift pockets. These modular platforms can be arranged in an endless number of configurations.

Compliance Solutions Canada also offers containment sumps for storing fuels, oils and other hazardous liquids. It is constructed of all polyethylene so they do not rust or corrode. These containment sumps can be used with an optional self bailer for outdoor spill containment allowing clean storm water to passively drain from the sump while capturing hydrocarbons. All containment sumps are of course EPA approved.


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